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Introducing Bravofolio, an innovative resource for next generation learning, performance tracking and employment opportunities.

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Personal Approach

Use Bravofolio employment agencies to work with top staffing agencies in a variety of specialties, who provide employers with temporary staffing, temp-to-hire staffing, and direct hire staffing and more. We stand out above the rest with job coaches who support you from the interview to landing a permanent full-time position.

Stay Relevant

Don’t get lost in the crowd of a busy industry. By uniquely presenting your past projects, achievements, and working with a job coach, you can stand out and give employers a strong reason to hire you.

Stand Apart

Show how you are unique by using Bravofolio to highlight your best work. Submit presentations, audio and visual content, designs, writing samples, power point slides, digital credentials, validated assessments, and more! Take advantage of the personalized layout and bring your passion to life. Join, network, and get noticed by national employment agencies.

Bravofolio will drive you forward

Start showcasing you talents and abilities by giving perspective companies a chance to get to know the real you and your competencies.

Design Your ePortfolio

Use the unique features and create an ePortfolio using projects, assignments, publications, video and audio artifacts to showcase your best work.

Share Your ePortfolio

Share your Bravofolio with potential recruiters and employers in the system. Share with family and friends potential employers, and evaluators.

Assess Your ePortfolio

Get your ePortfolio assessed by experts to demonstrate you have achieved a learning goal whether for the academic context or corporate learning.

Let your ability do the talking

Before Bravofolio people had to rely on a simple GPA figure or past work experience to show prospective employers how they were. Bravofolio though allowed these people to show that simple experience isn't everything. Recruiters and hiring managers are amazed when they see dynamic and interesting portfolios on Bravofolio. What would have been just another application is now a real life glimpse into what makes you unique and the best choice to hire.

Bravofolio makes a huge difference in the success of new job opportunities. Get job job offers from industry leading clients and companies who want to hire based of what you can do, rather than what you have done.

Showcase your projects and talents. Demonstrate why you have the ability to succeed. Enjoy amzing new job opportunities and industry connections.


Thank you all who entered the Bravofolio ePortfolio contest! Congrats to the lucky winners of $100!

"Jason Rivera" "Tyler Mikkelson" "Eva Tingley"

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BRAVO+ is a powerful assessment feature for student ePortfolios. We help colleges and universities evaluate student ePortfolios using specified learning outcomes regarding career and college readiness, community engagement, critical thinking, cultural competency, problem-solving, teamwork, oral communication, and written communication. Data are aggregated for analysis and reports are provided to give you a complete picture of your student’s achievement.

Students can receive digital badges if scored portfolios meet the levels of proficiency, advanced knowledge, and mastery.  Students can also win $100 if they enter their ePortfolio in the Annual Bravofolio Contest.

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